I’ve been meaning to share this organizing tip with you guys for the longest time now because it’s made my life so much easier. I’m OCD in the sense that I need everything to have its own place or container. Thing lying around haphazardly just make me so nervous, so when I found out about Miss Bella and the range of super cool and useful acrylic boxes she has for arranging stuff, I hoared! There are a lot of other alternatives for this, but I fell in love with the clear chic design, and how it makes any room look neat without overwhelming it. I asked the owner just yesterday if it would be okay to donate proceeds from her sales to the relief operations for Yolanda victims, and she agreed without question. I am so happy to encounter so many instances of willingness to help, especially from the private sector and abroad.


First up are brush holders with beads. I like how you can pick different colors of beads to color your make up dresser with, and how this case has a cover to keep you brushes clean and dust free. I’m using it for my foundation brushes because they are the ones most susceptible to dirt.

They also have a box specifically for lippies and another one that I used for mascaras and eyeliners. You can use it in any way that you want of course, but I love the fact that the shapes of these boxes were so well thought of making them doubly useful.

Aside from make up organizers, they also have jewellry boxes that look so modern and make it easy to access your pieces. I used this bracelet holder for my watches and it worked so well!

One of my faves have to be the sunnies drawer and sunnies holders because they totally saved me so much space on my cabinet. Now I store the boxes elsewhere and keep everything organized inside one clear box.

If you want to order these pieces for yourself, you can check out her bazaar schedule below, or find her on facebook or on instagram.
Source: Kryz Uy

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