KRYZ UY | Organizing 101 with Miss Bella

I showed you guys around my accessory cabinet last year (it’s been one year already??!), and seeing as how so much time has already passed, my closet has proven itself to be, sadly, inadequate. I blame the hoarder in me. It’s not easy to add closet space, especially when you don’t want to re-do your room or have carpenters drilling more holes on the walls. I was in a pickle for a bit until I remembered how I successfully space-saved on my vanity area. All my Miss Bella boxes beautifully organized my make up and skin care essentials, without the cluttered, bulky and mismatched feel that most space savers have. I thought it would be a smart idea to invest in even more arcylic boxes, but when I looked at her instagram page, I saw something even better. A 2 in 1 accessory cabinet and full length mirror. SOLD. And I threw in a Bella Box too, just because I love them fancy drawers! Decided to snap a few photos of my recent order before I filled it with my chaotic stuff, just in case you guys are facing the same problem as I once was. Hope it helps!


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