Makeup Brushes


10PC Marble Brush Set Collection

comes with a Marble Garterized Pouch

The perfect makeup brush for beginners!



 Blending Brush - For blending your eyeshadows

Big Angled Brush Big - For contour or blush

Big Flat Brush Big - For foundation

Big Medium Brush Big - For Blush or Powder

Big Large Brush Big - For Powder



Angled Small Brush - Can be used for brows or eyeliner

Smudge Brush - Applying eyeshadow for your under eye

Round Eyeshadow Brush - Can be used for applying concealer or eyeshadow

Angled Eyeshadow Brush - Can be used for contouring your nose line or eyeshadow

Fan Brush - Used for applying highlighter or dusting off eyeshadow fall outs 

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