Sili Sponge
Sili Sponge

Sili Sponge

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Silicone Sponge

The new best thing for makeup enthusiasts!
Don’t settle for less when you can save more of your makeup with this silicone sponge
from Miss Bella PH! Why? This silicone-infused sponge allows less makeup
absorbance, ensuring that your makeup is fairly applied to your skin with 4x more

Cleaner and more durable.
Thanks to its silicone coating, the sponge prevents germs and foundation from seeping deep—making it easier to clean than regular makeup sponges! Not only that, but the silicone sponge is also made up of exclusive, high-quality material that stays durable even after many washes.

✓Super soft
✓Prevents bacteria
✓Longer lifespan
✓Easier to clean
✓Full coverage and an airbrush-smooth finish

How to Clean the Miss Bella PH Silicone Sponge
1. Rub a bar of soap on the sponge.
2. Gently scrub the sponge on the scrubber until foundation residue is removed.
3. Rinse off the soap from the sponge with warm water.
4. Let it sit and dry until next use.

Product Review

THE BEST SPONGE EVER! As a makeup enthusiast, I have a lot of makeup sponges
but this silicone sponge is the best one that I have ever had! It does not only give me a
perfect and smooth finish but it also gives me more confidence knowing that I won’t be having any bad breakouts due to a dirty sponge. This is very easy and motivating to
clean, plus, I’ve saved more of my foundation because of its anti-absorption material!